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For F1's Sake

Oct 30, 2020

F1 headed to Portugal for the first time in ages, and everything went crazy for a few laps until Hamilton won, Bottas was second and Verstappen was third, as per usual.

As he crushed Bottas by a country mile, Lewis ascended from this earth to become a living legend, and we've all forgotten who Michael Schumacher is now....

Oct 16, 2020

It was a race afflicted by fog, unreliability and Lance Stroll's case of the squits, but Lewis Hamilton crushed the memory of Michael Schumacher by waiting until Valtteri Bottas inevitably threw his pole position away, and is now the Greatest Man of All Time. Plus Honda are sodding off, Hulkenberg came back and...

Oct 10, 2020

For those with the right apps, here's our own Terry Saunders on Carfection talking about what went wrong with Formula One (spoiler: it's telly's fault).

Discover all of Terry's State of F1 videos when you subscribe to Carfection on YouTube:

Oct 1, 2020

Lewis Hamilton found himself Russian to see the stewards after dropping a massive clanger in the wrong place. And that meant Valtteri Bottas and a massive bee found glory in Sochi and Carlos Sainz crashed like an idiot. Cheeka, Phill and Terry talk through a boring race made a bit more exciting by incompetence,...