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For F1's Sake

Jun 22, 2016

Nothing works and Phill is on holiday and won't tell us which buttons to fix it. The producer stands in with some facts on Baku and Nico Hulkenberg MURDERS A DISNEY BIRD!

Jun 15, 2016

Canada! Seagulls! Rosberg sliding off the track! Twice! Ferrari messing up again! Yes, it was a chilly return to Montreal for the Canadian Grand Prix, the finer points of which are dissected by Cheeka, Phill and Terry in a pub. Plus, is F1 heading in the right direction? Martin Sorrell doesn't think so. Is Heineken’s...

Jun 2, 2016

You know when you get home from the supermarket and you remember something obvious on your list you'd forgotten? TYRES! Phill, Cheeka and Terry shout (in a loud pub) about Red Bull finally managing to wipe the smile off Ricciardo's face, Verstappen becoming intimate with the barriers and Rosberg being a gentleman, a...