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For F1's Sake

Oct 28, 2015

Was Austin the greatest race of the year? The team thinks so, and rambles incoherently about Capgate, Kimi’s battle with a Rolex sign and whether Hamilton and Rosberg should have an actual, physical fight. Plus, Terry takes a look into the zany world of Formula E and we discuss whether having two different engine...

Oct 17, 2015

In a bumper episode 6, the team looks back on the Russian Grand Prix - the thrills, spills and overtakes that were never going to work in a million years Kimi, you muppet. We also preview the Race Of Champions and rage against current F1 rules. Oh, and there's a special guest appearance from ACTUAL NIGEL MANSELL. Really.

Oct 1, 2015

In the aftermath of the Japanese Grand Prix, Cheeka Eyers, Phill Tromans and Terry Saunders talk about Mercedes’ revival, Red Bull’s disasters and Will Stevens, the new King of Drift. Plus, the fallout from VW Group’s mass swindling, the European Union’s investigation into F1’s dodgy dealings and why Terry...