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For F1's Sake

Jul 26, 2022

Very, very occasionally our overlords ask something of us - and today is one such occassion. And so we present to you an episode of The Overview, made by producer Matt's company Rethink Audio.

The episode we've picked out for you to sample is...

Has women's football finally broken into the mainstream?

Women’s football was once banned and derided, but some say it could now be the standard-bearer for all women’s sports. England’s Lionesses are riding a wave of enthusiasm that fans hope will see them through to a Euro 2022 victory, while champions of the sport hope this could be a watershed moment in redefining perceptions of the game. Why has it taken so long for women’s football to be embraced? What barriers persist? And could this tournament change everything? This is The Overview.

Presented by Julia O’Driscoll, with guests Professor Jean Williams, a sports historian and author, Jen O’Neill, editor of She Kicks magazine, and Jenny Mitton, director at M&C Saatchi Sport and Entertainment. Thanks to The Week’s Kari Wilkin. Produced by Rich Jarman.