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For F1's Sake

May 26, 2021

Monaco! Big pile of shite, but at least the cars look nice, especially the McLarens. Cheeka, Phill and Terry reflect on the usual Monte Carlo snoozefest but concede that the results were interesting. They also talk about Leclerc crashing deliberately, Bottas’s stripped nut and all the regular tangents.

May 12, 2021

The Spanish Grand Prix was deathly dull but also quite interesting, in classic Formula 1 style.

Cheeka, Phill and Terry look back at the Catalunya catatonia and get regularly distracted by vaccines, weddings and all sorts of other nonsense, before eventually getting back to whether or not it was a good race, whether...

May 5, 2021

F1 returned to Portugal, scene of a cracking race last year. This year’s wasn’t as good. Still, Hamilton and Verstappen had a bit of a tussle at Bottas’s expense, so that was something. Cheeka, Phill and Terry talk about all that, sprint races and how much we’re looking forward to the Canadian Grand...