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For F1's Sake

Jul 31, 2018

There are too many races, and everyone is on holiday. So whilst we await Cheeka, Terry & Phill's verdict on Hungary (due any week now), here's the first ever Hungary episode we ever did - in fact, the first FF1S we ever did - in all its embarrassing 2015 glory. Enjoy.

Jul 27, 2018

For an entertaining race, just add water. The German Grand Prix provided slow-burn intrigue and then slippery excitement as Vettel ditched it in front of his home crowd, Hamilton gambled everything and won and Charles Leclerc did a cool 360. Cheeka, Phill and Terry dissect the race with their usual surgeon-like...

Jul 9, 2018

It’s FF1S Live! Sure, more people went to Silverstone than came along to watch Cheeka, Phill and Terry dissect the British Grand Prix, but we all know who had the best time. Raikkonen’s cheeky tap, Hamilton’s sulking and there’s a LIVE Cheekaquiz

Jul 3, 2018

Barely has the smoke settled over Spielberg, and Cheeka, Phill and Terry are already dissecting the carnage from the Austrian Grand Prix. Mercedes messed up, Verstappen took full advantage, and everyone's engines exploded. Also, Terry sings. Sorry.